Embroider Buddy Home Collection Whether its skinny jeans or bell bottoms, we all know that fashion trends come and go. Embroidery and needlepoint designs have been hitting the runway recently.

The recent resurrection of this hobby has been elevated by luxury designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Oscar De La Renta, as well as emerging fashionistas like British socialite Petra Palumbo. Even brands with ready-to-wear lines like Tory Burch and Marchesa have incorporated embroidery into their designs.

With the recent popularity of statement necklaces, an embellishment around the collar can create a dramatic and modern look. Incorporating sheer fabrics is another great way to show off your embroidery skills.

If you’re looking for inspiration, Pinterest is always a great place to start. Some pinners have dedicated boards to the use of embroidery in fashion. And why stop at clothes? Accessories like purses and gloves are just begging for some embellishment. Some creative crafters even make jewelry almost entirely out of embroidery, like bstudio on Etsy.

How do you incorporate needlepoint and embroidery into wearable fashions?