Around the World Embroidery

I love to travel and one of my favourite things is meeting embroiders from around the world. I am always amazed to not only see new embroidery techniques but to learn lessons from others as well.

Recently I travelled to China, where I was able to learn a few new tricks of the trade from a traditional embroiderer who still stitches by hand. This is a very delicate and precise process that when I am shown a finished piece I am always astonished that the intricate design was created by hand.

Sharing stories of travel is something that I feel is important because there is so much to learn and see. Earlier this year, I traveled to the UK with Deborah Jones and Menno Kaper for Printwear and Promotion Live 2015. While there, I spent a lot of time speaking with and visiting embroiderers. I’m planning a couple more trips this year and am looking forward to sharing my adventures with you.

Have you traveled anywhere where you learned a technique or lesson that was new to you? Please feel free to share your story with us. I’d love to know where you have been.