What type of stabilizer should I use on Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals?

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Here’s the latest questions we’ve been asked and it’s about stabilizers. The answer is from our good friend and embroider expert, Deborah Jones. The answer provides useful information and since stabilizers are an important part of embroidery, so I wanted to share it because it might be a question on your mind too.


What's the best type and weight of stabilizer to use on an Embroider Buddy® stuffed animal?

Ask the expert Deborah Jones

Plush fabrics are technically a knit. When applying a simple personalization (a name or just lettering) you may get good results with a soft tear-away. But the best option for designs with any outlining or detail is always cut-away. Lightly spray the inside of the stabilizer and attach it to the inside of the animal to help keep it in place during the hooping process. A two-ounce cut-away should do the trick for any design when hooped in with the Embroider Buddy®.

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