Toy Safety PersonalizationRecently there have been numerous articles and discussions regarding personalized gifts for kids. There is a lot of concern about whether or not having a child’s name on an item puts them in danger. For baby gifts and items that stay at home, this isn’t an issue and parents generally love receiving personalized gifts for their newborns and toddlers. However, once a child is in pre-school or daycare, and old enough to start leaving home without a parent or caregiver, personalizing items when a child’s name can be seen on the outside and is clearly visible to a stranger poses a safety concern. Of course hidden nametags on a child’s belongings are something necessary in order for day cares, schools and summer camps to prevent them from getting lost.

When it comes to items that can be seen in public, some people suggest that putting an initial on the item is safer than using their first name. I’ve been asked if one option is safer than the other. This approach still allows for personalization and poses less of a risk. In the end that choice is up to the parent but as an embroiderer, you may wish to encourage and advocate child safety. Unfortunately there isn’t one set answer to that question. Every parent is going to have an opinion on this matter and they are going to choose whether or not they believe they are comfortable with their child taking a personalized item out in public or not. And if so, what level of personalization is suitable: first name only or their initials monogramed.

In today’s world of customization, almost anything you purchase can have a name or image added. For children, these items can range anywhere from a baby blanket to a lunch bag. I draw the line at having a child’s name on backpacks and other items a stranger can see easily when a child goes to and from daycare, school or summer camp.

What about you? What is your perspective on personalized backpacks and outerwear for kids?