Embroider Buddy Kory KoalaYou don’t need to travel down under to find a cute and calm koala bear, because we are now offering a new and handsome Embroider Buddy® named Kory Koala. He is in stock and ready to take a journey to your home today! This soft and sweet Embroider Buddy® is 16”, which not only makes him the perfect size to guarantee that he is 100% huggable, but also allows for ample amount of room to create an incredible personalized embroidered gift. Kory Koala has a warm fluffy nose, big fuzzy feet and a nice wide tummy that is perfect to embroider. He is sure to keep your little one warm at night while he enjoys being loved and cuddled.

Original Embroider Buddy® animals are a cinch to embroider, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. We are so confident that anyone who has an embroidery machine can do it easily. We’ve provided a step-by-step video tutorial with Deborah Jones demonstrating just how easy and our product is to make your own. There are endless possibilities when it comes to design choices and colour themes. You can customize our plush animals to suit any need. Whether you are working with a child’s favourite colours or customizing a design to match team colours, anything can be accomplished.

We want you to have a peace of mind in choosing Embroider Buddy® as your embroidered plush animal toy, so we would like to take a moment to remind you that we exceed all applicable U.S., Canadian, Australian, and European safety standards. You should always take toy safety into consideration before creating or purchasing any product for a child.

We know the wait has been giraffing you crazy, but we are happy to finally announce that out newest family member Blankey Buddy Gerry Giraffe is ready to order. Head over to our Embroider Buddy® Blankey page to meet our newest addition and all of his friends.

Are you looking forward to meeting Kory Koala? How do you think he will enjoy his life in a new country? Where do you think he’ll land first? Share your guess in the comments.