Embroider Buddy BunnyAfter being out of stock for a little while, Buddy Bunny is set to make his highly anticipated return to Embroider Buddy®. We are pleased to announce that Buddy will be back in stock this week – just in time for any last minute Easter orders for your customers. You won’t want to miss out on his fluffy guy, because we believe he is going to be in high demand for Easter.

Everyone loves Buddy’s big floppy ears and soft squishy feet, not to mention his little white cotton tail. This adorable, 16” oversized plush bunny is the perfect stuffed animal to personalize for that special someone and include it in the Easter basket you might be making. Better yet, skip all the chocolate and candy this Easter. Let Buddy Bunny steal the show and be the centre of attention all on his own!

You can take your Buddy one step further by adding cute accessories such as ribbons or bows. Please remember when adding small pieces like ribbons and bows you need to practice Toy Safety and be sure to secure all items by stitching them on to the plush toy.

Later this week we will be introducing a new Embroider Buddy® that we know you are going to love. Come back next week to find out who will be available to order. For now we will give you a hint about who our special new family member is.
He spends most of his days sleeping in treetops. Can you guess who it is? Let us know what animal he could be below.

We have an additional surprise to reveal next week as well. We know it must be giraffing you crazy, not knowing what it could be. Stay tuned for more info.