Donna UK TripI’ve just returned from a trip to the United Kingdom promoting Embroider Buddy® at Printwear and Promotion Live with Deborah Jones and Menno Kaper. It was great meeting so many of our friends in that part of the world and making new ones. People were truly excited to see the quality of the original Embroider Buddy® collection and posing with Hedley Hedgehog, my travel buddy and mascot at the show. The need and customer demand is definitely there and I believe that we can provide what our customers old and new want. Besides loving our Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals they were excited to see the new Embroider Buddy® Home Collection. Whatzupwiththat!® Bearwear and and bears were well received too.

Several people involved in promotions were also interested in seeing what we can do for them. There seems to be a real need for good quality and easily accessible embroiderable blanks that are both fun and unique.

Embroider Buddy® items are fabulous for the print market. This year, we’ve introduced new taffeta style poly Easy as 1-2-3! Christmas Stockings, which are great for embroidery, sublimation, vinyl, silkscreen and even rhinestones.

Everyone was forthcoming with their feedback which I’ve shared with the team back home.

Although the demand has been there for a while, I wasn’t ready to introduce Embroider Buddy® products in the UK until now. I wanted to do so properly and that meant waiting to find a distributor who shares my excitement and passion for my innovative product line. I am happy to announce that I have found that distributor in Menno Kaper from G&B. He is enthusiastic and ready to work hard to help the team build awareness for Embroider Buddy® throughout the UK and the rest of Europe. He’s dedicated to providing you with excellent service and the same personal touch we’ve used to build the brand and our Parkdale Novelty Inc., our parent company for the past 71 years!

Were you at Printwear and Promotion LIVE? What did you think of the show and would you like to see from Embroider Buddy® in the future? Please share your thoughts in the comments.