Menno and Maureen KaperI am excited to have Menno Kaper join our team as our international distributor in UK and Europe. I’m currently in England participating in the Printwear & Promotion Live Show where Deborah Jones and I have joined Menno at his booth. I had the chance to talk to him more about his involvement with Embroider Buddy®.

Donna: Why did you decide get involved with Embroider Buddy®?

Menno: One day I ran into an ad for Embroider Buddy® products. They caught my attention because of the choice in different animals, but also the large field of embroidery space available (the belly, bottom, back). We ordered them to try and experienced they were of excellent quality, beautifully detailed, and child safe. We realized this product had unlimited possibilities.

Donna: What tips would you give to someone thinking of purchasing Embroider Buddy® products?

Menno: If you pull the stuffed belly pod out, you can also use it as a pyjama bag (only appropriate for children over four years of age.)

Donna: What is your favourite Embroider Buddy® stuffed animal, and why?

Menno: Rory Lion Buddy is probably my favourite, since the lion is the symbol for the Dutch National Soccer Team.

Donna: What excites you most about the future of Embroider Buddy® and why?

Menno: The bulk of the European market is unaware such great products and unique gifts are available at an affordable price. I’m on a mission to spread Embroider Buddy® all over Europe. Embroider Buddy® is a brand with a long history in its parent company, Parkdale Creature Comforts® and they’re always looking for new great products to develop.

Donna: Please share a few tips to help embroiders market their business.

Menno: The sales opportunities are endless. Think about companies that are always searching for a perfect gift for their staff, customers and charitable foundations. Sport clubs with animal mascots in their logo are also likely to be interested in embroidable products.

Donna: What would surprise people most about you?

Menno: During my summer holidays I love to go biking in old cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Vienna, and Budapest.

You can find Menno on his company’s website, G&B – The Personal Gift Company and LinkedIn. Menno is a real entrepreneur and an optimist, always looking for opportunities and thinking in possibilities and solutions. Menno has been married for almost 20 years to Maureen, blessed with four children, a horse, a dog and two cats.