Tory Tiger, Monty Monkey and Gerry Giraffe

It’s a new year and Embroider Buddy® is starting fresh with a complete stock of our animal family. Our warehouse is full of cuddly soft Embroider Buddy® products, including our original stuffed animals and Blankies. With the 2014 holiday season behind us, it’s time to get planning for 2015.

My dad always used to say that people believe our company and plush toys are like Niagara Falls and water – that we couldn’t possibly run out! But despite best efforts, purchasing isn’t an exact science and sometimes certain buddies just fly off the shelves. If you’re thinking of placing an order, now is the time because you’ll be able to find whichever items in our extensive product selection you’re expecting. We’ll even have a couple new and exciting embroidable items to introduce very soon, including Kory Koala Buddy and our adorable soon-to-be-named Hedgehog.

This is really the best time to order if you’d like to sell or gift your creations as a collection. Just think how much fun it would be to decorate a baby’s nursery with safari-themed embroidered stuffed animals like Monty Monkey, Tory Tiger, and Gerry Giraffe.

Which of our adorable and cuddly friends are on the top of your order list?