72020CHREmbroider Buddy® products, the original embroidable animals, are not just cute plush toys – they are safe for children and babies. All of our products are in compliance with North American, European, and Australian safety standards.

It’s important to know that if you sell a toy you are liable if the toy is not child safe. You can always ask a toy supplier for a toy safety report, but there are no worries with Embroider Buddy®’s products. We are a 70-year-old toy company with a lot of experience; we’re seen as a leader in the toy industry.

Keep in mind that toy safety is just common sense. When purchasing plush toys, it’s important to conduct the following four-point check:

1. The seams must be secure. No stuffing should be exposed, because loose stuffing is a child hazard if swallowed.

2. The eyes and nose must also be secure. Our Embroider Buddy® eyes and noses are all embroidered, so there’s no risk in the parts coming loose.

3. There shouldn’t be any loose threads or strings.

4. Toys should be washable. Embroider Buddy® skins and pods are easy to clean, just throw them in the washer and dryer.

Do you have any questions about toy safety? If so please check out our FAQs and for more information or leave your questions in the comments below.