How Tory Buddy Tiger joined Embroider BuddyCreating a new Embroider Buddy® is always a labour of love and quite the intensive process that can take several months from start to finish. 

We’ve carried the popular Rory Buddy Lion in the Embroider Buddy® line since early 2009. It was only a matter of time until embroiderers started asking me “Where is your embroiderable Tiger?”

Tigers are definitely more challenging to create than lions… at least from an Embroider Buddy® perspective.

In our Parkdale Creature Comforts gift and baby lines, we’ve carried many different styles of tigers over the years. I studied the tigers we had in the past. I looked endlessly at pictures of real tigers.

I needed to develop the perfect embroiderable tiger with just the right “tiger striped” material. It was critical that the plush was also “baby soft”.

The first few prototypes (and there were a few) were close but not perfect. The snout was too long, the paws were too big, the smile wasn’t just right, and the eyes weren’t “friendly” enough.

How Tory Buddy Tiger joined Embroider Buddy

Did it take me six months? Maybe nine months? I’m not quite sure but what I do know is that it was a process.

Finally it happened and Tory Buddy Tiger the perfect tiger for the Embroider Buddy® team was “born” and remains one of the most popular Embroider Buddies of all.

How Tory Buddy Tiger joined Embroider Buddy

I hope you like Tory as much as I do!


P.S. What would you like to see added as the next member of the Embroider Buddy® family?