Embroider Buddy celebrates Passover and Easter

Holiday time. It's Passover and Easter this week.

I know I'm totally swamped at work and I was almost wishing we could “skip” all the food and festivities this year. Then I started to think about the wonderful memories of family get togethers at holiday time.

My Mom can no longer cook and shop and create delicious family holiday meals. The torch has been passed to me. So I ran around picking up the groceries and setting the table using the family fine china, linen, crystal and silverware. I cooked the roast and my husband made the soup. The food might not be as tasty as I remember my mom’s was but it’s a tradition I want to keep for my family.

We keep the old memories while creating new. So let’s all unplug and enjoy family and friends.

Happy holidays!


photo credit: Embroidered Buddy Bunny by cuteessentials.