It’s been a long cold winter. In Toronto. We have endured ice storms, wind storms and rain storms. I don’t even want to think about the blackout over the Christmas holidays. The polar vortex brought bone chilling cold temperatures, -30 Celsius! (that’s about -20 Fahrenheit.) We even had a frost quake. Yes there is such a thing. 

Snow is melting and crocuses are just about to sprout up. Birds are coming back. Canada geese are already back looking for nesting spots. Every year we have geese laying eggs in the back of our warehouse. We warn the truckers to be mindful. If you get close to the nest the geese will attack. You don’t want to be chased on an angry goose.

embroider buddy geese

I am looking forward to feeling the warmth of the sun on my face. I’m thinking about the simple pleasures: having lunch with friends at an outdoor patio, walking with sandals, family BBQs, going on my bike and sitting in my garden listening to the birds.

Landy Buddy Ladybug Embroider Buddy® shouts out spring. Isn’t this pink ladybug for Ella from Sew Stylin' Stitches adorable?

Landybuddy Ladybug is a sure sign that spring is here

I have one customer who personalized a red ladybug in a garden gift basket for an avid gardener. Amazing creativity since ladybugs are the gardener's best friend. I am thinking of getting a pink ladybug done up with a big pink bow for my mom on Mother’s Day. Send me your pictures of what you have done with the ladybug and I might share it here on the blog. Let’s celebrate spring!