Meet one of the newest members of the Embroider Buddy® collection, Pendrick Buddy Penguin. To tell you a secret he’s one of my favourites. He was “born” with a fuzzy face. He looks like a baby. So sweet. His basic black and white gives you a blank slate to work from and create your own personal touch. I love the orange. It’s like a splash of colour fun. You can give this penguin to a boy or girl, young or old.

Heart WarriorsI love this fabulous piece created by Sandra Huss of It’s All About Me! Monogramming and Embroidery. It’s designed especially for Heart Warrior Children and to raise awareness for this wonderful organization that supports children with congenital heart disease (CHD). Each Embroider Buddy® Heart Warrior Pet is personalized with the child’s name and a custom message, bringing a smile to the face of these little children that have gone through the pain of open-heart surgery. Thanks Sandra!

Are you creating an Embroider Buddy® collection for a special cause? Please let us know in the comments. We may feature you in an upcoming blog post.