Introductory Bear

I really do love all my Embroider Buddy® animals. If you have more than one child you love all of them, right? I have three beautiful daughters and love them equally for their own unique qualities. However I think your best memory of parenthood is the birth of your first child. My first Embroider Buddy® was the brown bear affectionately known as Biggy Buddy Bear.

At the time I designed him, I was so focused on the bear just as we focus so intently on our first child. I fussed over each and every detail. Over the years the collection has grown and will continue to grow with more animals, characters and easy-to-embroider plush products of all kinds. I still pay close attention to each and every detail, making sure each Embroider Buddy® is designed just right so it’s not only easy to embroider but something its  rightful owner will enjoy and treasure for years to come. Yet there will always be a special place in my heart for that first Embroider Buddy® bear.

Baby with Bear

Embroider Buddy® is great for all occasions. It’s rewarding to see how differently he gets dressed for gift-giving occasions. That’s where you, the embroiderer can add an extra special touch in addition to embroidery. Just by adding a simple 1-1/2” ribbon around his or her neck will give an Embroider Buddy® stuffie a festive flair. Please share your Embroider Buddy® dress-up tips in the comments. I’d love to see them!

Who doesn’t love their first teddy!