Embroider Buddy® Toy Safety

Our factory is ICTI certified. ICTI covers the health and safety of children throughout the world by promoting international toy safety standards.

Embroider Buddy® – Toy Safety

Embroider Buddy® products are manufactured to meet and exceed all applicable U.S., Canadian, Australian and European safety standards. Furthermore, every effort is made to safeguard any safety concern that is not covered by current regulation.

Applicable Safety Standards

ASTM F963 (U.S.A.)
 CFR Title 16 (U.S.A.)
Pennsylvania Regulation for Stuffed Toys (USA)
EN71 (Europe)
Hazardous Products Act (Canada)

Production Safety Process

Our stuffed toys and other products are factory-inspected at all stages of production.

Toy Labeling

Every item to have affixed appropriate visible labelling.

Factory Statement

Our factory is ICTI (International Council of Toy Industries) certified.  ICTI covers the health and safety of children throughout the world by promoting international toy safety standards.

Embroider Buddy® – Toy Safety – icti Care

The International Council of Toy Industries consists of toy trade associations from Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Chinese Taipei, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.

To ensure factory conditions Creature Comforts Toys and/or its agents make regular and unannounced inspections.

We inspect for cleanliness, employee safety and underage labor. Creature Comforts Toys guarantees that its factories are clean, safe and do not use underage labor.

CPSIA Certificates

11098 Embroider Buddy Rinaldo Raccoon Buddy 16″
11099 Embroider Buddy LeRoy Leopard Buddy 16″
11096 Embroider Buddy Glass Eye Giraffe 16″
21089 Embroider Buddy Classic Fox 16″
21092 Embroider Buddy Classic Moose 16″
21094 Embroider Buddy Classic Bear 16″
21096 Embroider Buddy Classic Bunny 16″
21097 Embroider Buddy Classic Cat 16″
21098 Embroider Buddy Classic Dog 16″
21099 Embroider Buddy Classic Owl 16″
31090 Embroider Buddy Owl 16″
41090 Embroider Buddy Buster Bulldog 16″
41091 Embroider Buddy Randy Reindeer 16″
41092 Embroider Buddy Unicorn, pink 16″
41096 Embroider Buddy Pug 16″
51090 Embroider Buddy Lambton Lamb 14″
51096 Embroider Buddy Glass Eye Turtle 16″ 
51097 Embroider Buddy Mister Buddy Bear 14″
51098 Embroider Buddy Mister Buddy Bear 20″
71089 Embroider Buddy Pauley Puppy Dog 16″
71090 Embroider Buddy Lambton Lamb 16″
71092 Embroider Buddy Froggy 16″
71093 Embroider Buddy Sweetie Piggy Pal 16″
71094 Embroider Buddy Monty Monkey 16″
71096 Embroider Buddy Landy Ladybug 16″
71097 Embroider Buddy Rory Lion 16″
71098 Embroider Buddy MooMoo Cow 16″
71099 Embroider Buddy Dino Dinosaur 16″
81090 Embroider Buddy Kerry Kangaroo 16″
81091 Embroider Buddy Koala 16″
81094 Embroider Buddy Peyton Panda 16″
81095 Embroider Buddy Hedgehog 16″
81097 Embroider Buddy Zachary Zebra 16″
81098 Embroider Buddy Billy Black Bear 16″
81099 Embroider Buddy Sonny Snowman 16″
91079 Embroider Buddy Bear 16″
91090 Embroider Buddy Tory Tiger 16″
91091 Embroider Buddy Elford Elephant, grey 16″
91092 Embroider Buddy Bunny 16″
91093 Embroider Buddy Howie Horse 16″
91094 Embroider Buddy Duncan Donkey 16″
91095 Embroider Buddy Pendrick Penguin 16″
91096 Embroider Buddy Gerry Giraffe 16″
91097 Embroider Buddy Mister Bear 16″
91098 Embroider Buddy Mister Bear 16″
91099 Embroider Buddy Mikey Moose 16″